"(The Channel Frederator Network) has literally changed my life. They’ve allowed me to move out of my parents’ basement."

− Sam Green / SamGreenMedia

"Channel Frederator is a great place to be for animators of all shapes and sizes. It's an incredibly involved and encouraging community of creators. And Frederator has revolutionized animation's place in the world of YouTube"

− Emily Carson - Emily the Brave

"As a young animation studio, we're grateful not only for the tools that Frederator has given us, but also for the opportunity of sharing our work with a big animation studio and a great and talented community. We have learned so much from this experience."

− MarmotaStudio

"The Frederator Network is such a massive help getting me views and subscribers on Youtube. When they press like on my video it goes out to over a million people. It's amazing."

− Ross Plaskow / FloppyDiskAnimation

"I’ve dealt with a lot of networks and (Channel Frederator Network) is the only network I don’t hate"

− Jason Steele / FilmCow

"My time with Channel Frederator has been a master class in online audience-building, especially Youtube. These guys are the real deal, and have managed to foster an amazingly vibrant animation community covering pretty much every type of animation out there. So if you're at all interested in animation, storytelling, or just really bad jokes (specifically my channel), you should definitely drop them a line."

− Joe Vitale / TheShellShowLive

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